About the Alcyon Chamber Ensemble

The Alcyon Chamber Ensemble was formed in 2006 by cellist Shannon Snapp to celebrate the 250th birth of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart with Winchester public school students and residents of the community. The residency involved performing for 350 second graders over three days, and culminated with a community concert featuring two of Mozart’s most celebrated chamber works, the Quintet for Horn and Strings in E-flat, K. 407, and Trio for Clarinet, Viola, and Piano in E-flat, K. 498 “Kegelstatt”. Since then, Alcyon has conducted residencies within Massachusetts locales such as Gloucester, Rockport, Lowell, Perkins School for the Blind, and Boston Arts Academy, and are currently in our fourth season of performing chamber works for diverse instruments.

Alcyon Chamber Ensemble, Inc. derives its name from the mythical golden bird that calms troubled waters.

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